COVID-19 Announcement

Log March 25:

Due to the increase number of widespread COVID-19, We will take our time to thoroughly clean up a dirty room.  Therefore after each of our guests have checked-out, we will take 2 days to clean the room before we let another guests come in.  We know this will limit the number of rooms available, but it is a necessary measure to prevent the spreading from one guest to another.  Thank you for understanding.


Log March 20:

We are now Open.  However, with the widespread of COVID-19, we still urge you to stay at home and practice Social Distancing.


Log March 17:

We understand your concern during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we promise to do everything we can to keep our motel safe from this global threat.

That is why, we will be closing our motel until this Thursday, March 19 to scrub and disinfect all the rooms, so we can assure our guests that this motel will be safe for your future stay.


Thank you for checking in with us

We look forward to your next visit.