When you stay at the Lido, you’ll be amazed by the local wildlife.

Make sure you always have your camera handy!

Bighorn sheep: Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep are the iconic animal of Radium. You will see them in and around the village, casually crossing the highway, and sometimes gathering at the Lido Motel in the greenspace that’s visible from all the units.

Hummingbirds: Hummingbirds are also another Lido Motel attraction. Each spring we put up hummingbird feeders and guests tell us they love to sit on their patios and witness their fascinating aerial displays.

Deer: The deer in Radium make themselves right at home, and it’s a beautiful sight to see a doe with her tiny spotted fawns. Deer can get aggressive towards dogs of any size, particularly those that are protecting their babies, so dog owners are advised to keep their pets on a leash and steer clear.

Wetlands birds: With the world-famous Columbia Wetlands just minutes away, it’s no wonder Radium is a bird lover’s delight as the wetlands attract tens of thousands of migrating species each spring and fall.

Wild turkeys: These comical looking creatures travel in flocks and have become quite famous in Radium and up and down the Columbia Valley.

Bears: Radium works hard to be a Bearsmart community, which means reducing attractants in order to avoid human-bear conflict. This means storing garbage safely and not leaving it outside for bears to access. When bears don’t find a food source, they move on.

To learn more about the local wildlife, visit the Radium Hot Springs Visitor Information Centre wildlife exhibit just a few minutes’ walk away on the other side of Highway 93/05. Online, search “WildsafeBC Columbia Valley” on Facebook and go to columbiavalley.com/organizer/wildsafebc.